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Business Analyst

  • Candidate must posses at least Bachelor Dergree (S1) in Computer Science, IT, Telco Engineering or equivalent

  • Having 2 years working experience as Senior Supervisor or Assistant Manager

  • Understand about eBao, Oracle Sql, MySQL, SQL Server and .NET.

  • Strong analytical and critical thinking

  • Good English conversation skill

  • Good Interpersonal and communication skill

  • Have a good Insurance Knowledge and Business Process

  • Able to work with team

  • Achievement Oriented

  • Communicate concisely with the business and end users with regard to the requirements

  • Understanding the business objective in project and application development requested by business and end user

  • Good understanding of relational database like Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL database, Oracle DB, as well as NoSQL database

  • Proficient in using various business intelligence tools for creating documentation, reports, and dashboards

  • Mengkomunikasikan bisnis dengan secara singkat tentang persyaratan ke para pengguna

  • Memahami objek bisnis dalam pengembangan aplikasi project yang di minta oleh end user

  • Pemahaman dengan baik tentang database rasional seperti Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL database, Oracle DB, as well as NoSQL

  • Paham dalam berbagai bisnis peralatan intelligence untuk membuat dokumentasi, laporan dan dashboards.

Additional Info

Deadline of application on, April 24th, 2024. Send your cv and portfolio to (subject : Name_position apply)

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