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Engineer (Cybersecuirty, Software)


1. Minimum S1 with background IT /SMK TKJ ( Teknik Jaringan Komputer) 

2. Basic Knowledge: Entry-level system engineers should have a fundamental understanding of computer systems, networks, and operating systems. 

3. Operating Systems: Familiarity with various operating systems, such as Windows, Linux, or Unix 

4. Programming and Scripting: Basic programming/scripting skills in languages like Python, Java, or shell scripting may be beneficial 

5. Networking: A basic understanding of networking concepts/OSI 7 Layer, protocols, and configurations.


1. Manage and monitor all installed systems and infrastructure
2. Install, configure, test and maintain operating systems, application software and system management tools
3. Proactively ensure the highest levels of systems and infrastructure availability
4. Monitor and test application performance for potential bottlenecks, identify possible solutions, and work with developers to implement those fixes
5. Maintain security, backup, and redundancy strategies
6. Write and maintain custom scripts to increase system efficiency and lower the human intervention time on any tasks
7. Participate in the design of information and operational support systems
8. Provide 2nd and 3rd level support
9. Liaise with vendors and other IT personnel for problem resolution

Additional Info

Deadline of application on, February 24th, 2024. Send your cv and portfolio to (subject : Name_position apply)

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