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Financial Services

Technology plays important role to create a better convince in finance, allowing for the development of information technology and initially create a more fast and efficient service. Here, we will help you creating a faster, and more efficient service for customers 


Data Center Infrastructure

SAP HANA® is fully supported on IBM Power Systems (PowerLinux), IBM’s leading platform for big data, delivering the same enterprise-grade attributes that the industry expects from Power Systems: flexibility, resiliency and performance. This comes to a market that has been limited to only one platform, x86, and very strict configuration choices.

Enterprise Network System

The key purpose of an enterprise network is to eliminate isolated users and workgroups. All systems should be able to communicate and provide and retrieve information. Additionally, physical systemsand devices should be able to maintain and provide satisfactory performance, reliability and security.


Brocade Communications Systems Brocade offers data center networking solutions that enable organizations to manage information assets. Brocade specializes in data center networking solutions and services that enable organizations to manage vital information assets. With solutions such as Storage Area Networks (SANs) and File Area Networks (FANs), Brocade addresses information management challenges such as data backup, storage and server consolidation, and business continuance.


Fortinet’s Network Operations Solution provides an integrated security architecture with automation-driven network operations capabilities that can eliminate breaches and unify siloed environments. It offers security strategy that prioritizes automation-driven network operations that help prevent network breaches.   


Fintech is a term used to define the technology startup scene that is disrupting traditional sectors such as banking, mobile payments, money transfers and asset management. Of course, these are huge growth areas as the world becomes more and more connected and relies ever more on mobile phones


Jumio is a global leader in providing eKYC services for digital customer account on-boarding. Jumio leverages advanced technologies including biometrics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, computer vision and human review, to quickly verify online consumers across 200 countries. Jumio's solutions are used by leading companies in the financial services, sharing economy, online gaming, cryptocurrency, e-commerce, and travel sectors.


CredoLab develops bank-grade digital scorecards for banks, consumer finance companies, auto lenders, online and mobile lenders, insurance companies, and retailers. Built on mobile device data and powered by AI, our machine learning algorithm yields secure and customized scorecards developed on your credit outcome data, boosting your Gini coefficient.


Strands develops innovative FinTech software that enables banks to offer personalized digital banking experiences. Personal Financial Management (PFM) is an award-winning personal finance application that drives engagement between account holders and financial institutions. A tool which allows a 360 degrees vision of all bank accounts, aggregating the user's entire financial picture on one, easy-to-use platform. 

​Database Solution

Database Solutions is the leading developer of specialized databases for the construction industry. Database solutions, enabling distributed systems to scale large amounts of unstructured data.

Tibero 6 is a high-performance, highly secure, highly scalable relational database management system (RDBMS) for enterprises that want to fully leverage their mission-critical data. In a world where data is at the core of everything, Tibero provides an enhanced view of processing, managing and securing large-scale databases. 


EXEM's mission is to provide clients with stable operation and development of enterprise IT systems. We have become a global IT performance management company and expanded our services across the whole IT system, and now we are also a leading big data platform company.

Enable users to ingest, blend, cleanse and prepare diverse data from any source. With visual tools to eliminate coding and complexity, Pentaho puts the best quality data at the fingertips of IT and the business.


Develop 10x faster with a modern data integration and data quality platform for relational databases, flat files, cloud apps and platforms

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SQream DB works for your data teams to help get more insights out of Hadoop to take better business decisions. Combining Hadoop with SQream DB, companies are maximizing the economy of Hadoop where it shines, and the performance of SQream DB for analytics.

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