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Compete Aggressively with IBM LinuxONE III

The world is experiencing a time of exponential growth in the sheer volumes of data. Business must be able to manage, store and most importantly, create an environment where users have confidence that their data is protected yet available from anywhere and any device.

This ability to be fast and flexible in delivery of new services, with insight and security, will differentiate a business.


The IBM LinuxONE III provides unique capabilities to help with that differentiation. The IBM LinuxONE III is an all-Linux enterprise platform for an open innovation that combines the best of Linux and open technology with the best for enterprise computing in ONE system.

It delivers a single system built on a 5.2Ghz processors and is built to be the backbone of the interconnected data driven era, setting new standards in transaction volume, speed, and trust.

Key Benefits of IBM LinuxONE III

  1. 99,9999 High Availability.

  2. Proven performance, scalability, reliability, and security.

  3. Simplified DR Managements.

  4. Zero downtime when scale up and scale out.

Looking for solution that effective simplified the process? PT Global Infotech Solution provides IBM LinuxONE III for your business. Please visit our social media or contact us via email


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