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How Sophos Intercept X Can Benefit your Business

This year’s annual report reveals how ransomware attacks have evolved over the last 12 months. Discover the current rate of attack, how often data is encrypted, and the most common root causes of attacks. Plus, we reveal how experience with ransomware differ based on organization revenue.

Sophos Intercept X secures endpoints and server using CryptoGuard technology, which stops both local and remote unauthorized file encryption by malicious software. Then it restores data to its original state, taking ransomware’s power over its victims away. Run Intercept x alongside Sophos Firewall to synchronize your security and lock down your remote desktop protocol; protecting against targeted ransomware attacks

Key Benefits of Sophos Intercept X:

  • 24/7 Threat Hunting and Response

The Sophos Managed Detection and Response team proactively hunts, detects, and responds to attack in real time on your behalf, neutralizing ransomware and other advanced threats before they can compromise your data

  • Advanced Endpoint Detection

Sophos Intercept x with XDR gives you advanced protection technologies that disrupt the whole attack chain. Deep learning predictively prevents attacks, while CryptoGuard rolls back the unauthorized encryption of files in second.

  • Next-Gen Firewall Detection

Sophos Firewall stops ransomware from getting onto and moving around your network. Deep learning detects and block ransomware at the gateway, while lateral movement prevention and RDP management stop hackers progressing their attacks.

PT Global Infotech Solution offers Sophos Intercept X solution for your Endpoint Protection. Please visit our social media or contact us via email


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