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Introducing NetApp FAS Storage Array

NetApp FAS is a cloud unified storage platform powered by NetApp ONTAP data management software. The storage systems feature integrated data protection, robust data management and built-in storage efficiency to offer a balance of performance and capacity. 

NetApp FAS offers Best-in-class data management to simplify operations. With their highly available hardware and powerful software, FAS systems cost-effectively deliver the data protection, security, and scalability to safeguard your data and drive efficient operations. Our Ransomware Recovery Guarantee is available on FAS systems, offering a cost-effective approach to cyber resilience with more protection and security.

NetApp FAS Models






Best for

Designed with a modular architecture that is optimized for serviceability and availability. Ideal for consolidated environments.

High capacity and performance to consolidate multiple business workloads.

A wide range of midrange deployments that need a balance of capacity and performance.

Midsize businesses and small enterprises that require simple deployment and operations. Designed with 12 internal drives, plus external storage shelves, for deployments needing high capacity.

Midsize businesses and small enterprises that require simple deployment and operations. Supports 24 internal drives plus external storage shelves.

Maximum Scale-out

up to 24 nodes (12 HA pairs)

up to 24 nodes (12 HA pairs)

up to 24 nodes (12 HA pairs)

up to 24 nodes (12 HA pairs)

up to 24 nodes (12 HA pairs)

Maximum Drives per HA Pair (2 nodes)






Maximum Raw Capacity per HA Pair






Controller Chassis Form factor






Key Benefits of NetApp FAS Storage Array

Secure and protect your data across the hybrid cloud 

• On your premises and in public clouds, we have you covered. Start small and scale non disruptively as your data requirements grow. 

• NetApp cloud integration lets you connect effortlessly to the cloud with leading integration to AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and others. 

Flexibly adapt to your evolving business needs 

• Scale capacity and performance non disruptively. 

• Effortlessly integrate with public clouds. 

• Optimize your storage infrastructure with predictive analytics and proactive care 

Cost effective and proven for diverse workloads 

• High volume of unstructured data (media and entertainment, medical imaging, EDA). 

• Distributed enterprise business applications; NAS and SAN consolidation (databases, virtual machines). 

• Disaster recovery target and backup consolidation.

Key Advantages of NetApp FAS Storage Array

Storage efficiency

Reduce costs with leading data reduction technologies and built-in configuration efficiencies. 

Business continuity

Make sure that your critical applications stay online with continuous data availability.

Nondisruptive operations

Eliminate business disruptions during maintenance and upgrades.


Performance and scalability

Improve performance for consolidated workloads, and scale up or scale out capacity and performance.

Cloud Integration

Easily move your data between your on-premises FAS system and cloud environments.


Safeguard your critical data with anti-ransomware protection for both preemption and post-attack recovery. 


Meet strict governance and data retention policies.

Customers Use Cases with NetApp Storage Platform

Data Management

The rapid growth of data comes with a matching increase in complexity. More requirements, more locations, more cyber threats. Manage your data — on premises and across clouds — with simplicity, efficiency, and security.

Cyber Resilience

NetApp powerful data security solutions protect you from data loss and downtime by proactively detecting potential threats and quickly recovering data and applications. There is no better way to protect and secure your data across your entire hybrid cloud.

AI Solutions

Take a unified approach to data and build an intelligent data infrastructure that breaks down silos. NetApp AI solutions enable performance, productivity, and protection for your data, your AI, anywhere.

Enterprise Application

Enhance customer retention by delivering a consistent user experience in cloud or on premises. Bring products and services to market ahead of your competition.

DevOps Solution

NetApp® DevOps solutions enable a consistent, seamless experience across your hybrid multi cloud environment to help accelerate app development.


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