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Optimizing Your Software Licensing with Snow License Manager

Snow License Manager is the central hub for the Snow Software Asset Management platform, providing a unified view of installed software, SaaS, cloud resources and hardware. Snow License Manager provides a consolidated view of all assets, including end-user computing, data center, SaaS, public cloud and hardware.

Snow License Manager enables organizations to optimize their software licensing, providing full visibility of software usage and entitlements to reduce costs and minimize compliance risks for all commercial software publishers.

Key Features of Snow License Manager

  • Unified view of all assets across the network

  • Optimization of cloud-based applications

  • Data center optimization

  • Automatic detection of unused software assets

  • Built-in automation

  • Security and policy enforcement

  • Financial management

  • Automatically utilize the full license entitlements

  • Powerful contract management

  • Simplify management of any licensing model

  • Role-specific management reporting

  • Multi-language support


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