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WiWE Wins Ruckus Award "Hospitality Partner of the Year 2018"

Asian Pacific Ruckus Principal, Global Infotech Solution's Managing Director, Vice President Manage Service of WiWE, Indonesia Ruckus Principal
Photo Credited to Company's Documentation

An award that never come up in our mind when we start the business. What we always do are focus on giving our best services to our customers, make sure to always give the best products to our customers, help our customers to feel more comfortable, build good relations with each one of our customers.

On October 18th 2018, in Chiang Mai, Thailand, our principal from Ruckus invite us to come to an awarding night event "Limitless" and above our expectations, Ruckus noticed WiWE efforts to give more than our best to our customers and build more and more relationship with new customers. Ruckus awarded WiWE as "Distributor of The Year 2018", we are really glad to announce that we got the Award of Hospitality Partner of The Year 2018.

We will never achieve this award without our customer's trust and support, that is why we want to say this Award is for you, our honored customers. Thank you for always supporting us and keep your trust in our company.

Photo Credited to Company's Documentation


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