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Alibaba Cloud Container Services for Kubernetes (ACK)

Alibaba Cloud Container Services for Kubernetes (ACK) integrates virtualization, storage, networking, and security capabilities. ACK allows you to deploy applications in high-performance and scalable containers and provides full lifecycle management of enterprise-class containerized applications.

Alibaba Cloud was one of the first vendors to pass the Kubernetes conformance certification test globally. Alibaba Cloud offers professional support and services.

Benefits of Alibaba Cloud Container Services:

1. Cluster Management

You can create clusters in the console easily, and use GPU-accelerated instances and ECS Bare Metal instances in a cluster. You can also deploy your cluster across zones to ensure high availability. Provides optimized OS images for Kubernetes containers. offers Kubernetes versions and Docker versions with high stability and reinforced security. Support multi-cluster management and cluster federation management. You can also deploy your cluster across zones to ensure high availability.

2. Application Management

Supports application monitoring and auto scaling. Provides a built-in application store that deploys applications using Helm. Provides an App Catalog to simplify service integration.

3. Network Management

Provides a high-performance network plug-in that is optimized for Alibaba Cloud to assign ENIs to pods. The network performance of a VPC with this plug-in is 20% higher than a regular network solution. Support access policies and bandwidth throttling for containers.

4. Storage Management

Supports Alibaba Cloud cloud disk, local disks, NAS file systems, CPFS file systems, and OSS buckets. Provides CSI and FlexVolume as volume drivers. Support dynamic creation and volume migration.

5. O&M Management

Allows you to upgrade Kubernetes versions and automatically add nodes to a Kubernetes cluster. Provide a high-performance log collection agent that can handle 100,000 requests per second.

6. Services Assurances

The Alibaba Cloud Technical Team provides support to ensure the stability and security of your ACK clusters. As one of the platinum members of CNCF, Alibaba Cloud has passed the Kubernetes certification tests.


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