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Broadcom: Symantec Web Protection Solution to Safely Work From Anywhere

A Secure Web Gateway (SWG) is a solution designed to protect an organization from online security threats and infections by enforcing company policies and securely routing Internet-bound traffic. A Secure Web Gateway (SWG) is a network security service provided either on-site or through the cloud. It offers advanced network protection by inspecting web requests against company policies to ensure that malicious applications and websites are blocked and inaccessible. A Secure Web Gateway (SWG) also functions to control access to websites, inspect web traffic for malware and other threats, and provide protection against cyber threats as users browse the internet. It encompasses essential security technologies such as URL filtering, application control, data loss prevention, antivirus, and HTTPS inspection to deliver strong web security to organizations. This is a computer security solution used to safeguard users and networks from online threats when accessing the web.

Why Secure Email Gateway (SEG)?

  1. Blocking access to high-risk and dangerous websites and applications.

  2. Enforcing compliance policies and regulations.

  3. Preventing malware infections and detecting infected devices with layered security architecture.

  4. Providing protection for remote workers by implementing corporate security policies while allowing them to stay connected wherever they are.

Broadcom: Symantec Web Protection

Symantec Web Protection is a solution provided by Broadcom as a Secure Web Gateway (SWG) solution. Symantec protects organizations across the entire internet, including social media, applications, and mobile networks. Symantec Web Protection acts as a proxy between users and the internet, serving to identify malicious websites and networks and control access to sensitive content. This solution combines a wide range of features to authenticate users, filter web traffic, identify cloud application usage, provide data loss prevention, offer threat prevention, and ensure visibility into encrypted traffic.

Advantages of Symantec Web Protection:

  1. Symantec Web Protection comes with advanced security capabilities to protect users wherever they are.

  2. Symantec Web Protection is integrated with cloud systems, making it convenient for users, regardless of their location. Furthermore, Symantec can maintain the architecture and policies of the existing Secure Web Gateway, then transition users to the cloud at their chosen speed.

  3. Symantec Web Protection offers clear, simple, and transparent pricing for its users, allowing them to understand the importance of Symantec Web Protection.


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