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DAVinCI LABS: Enabling Data Analysis with Just Few Clicks with Auto ML

Automated Machine Learning (Auto ML) is the process of applying machine learning to real-world problems. Auto ML covers the complete pipeline from the raw dataset to deployable machine learning model. Auto ML was proposed as an artificial intelligence-based solution to the ever-growing challenge of applying machine learning.

What is DAVinCI LABS?

DAVinCI LABS is the only Automated Machine Learning solution that enables business experts with data analytics via algorithms to precisely understand business situations and make optimized decisions from data perspective along with their knowledge.

DAVinCI LABS is an adaptive intelligence that support decision optimization based on the predicted future beyond automated machine learning. The first adaptive intelligence is shown by its Predictive Modeling Module. DAVinCI LABS predicts critical targets for business or classifies data characteristics depending on different functional use purposes.

Predictive Analysis Modules:

1. Auto Modeling

Based on supervised learning utilizing tree, regression, neural network based algorithms to maximize the utility via auto parameter setting. Stabilized deep learning algorithms, auto feature engineering, cascade modeling, prediction explanation and more are under proprietary technology

2. Rule Generation

Proprietary technology of rule optimization based on supervised learning. With this technology, users can discover the hidden patterns (rules) automatically and optimize the pre-existing rules with a single click

3. Time-Series Analysis

Auto time series module that enables prediction of trend, forecast which is the only AutoML solution incorporating advanced neural networks based on RNN, LSTM, GRU, and more

4. Auto Clustering

World’s first adaptive AutoML module which incorporates unsupervised and semi supervised learning methods. Proprietary visual clustering and feedback between systems and featured

On the other hand, if new dataset is applied into the initially developed model or change appears in decisions DAVinCI LABS evaluates model performance and provides the optimal strategy.

Decision Optimization Module

The end goal of machine learning and data analysis is to make an “optimized decision”. DAVinCI LABS provides features that help users to make optimized decisions, not only predictive modelling.

1. Stimulator Optimization

Based on your desired outcome, the stimulator optimization will suggest variables and degrees that need to be changed on specific samples

2. Rule Optimization

For both automatically found and pre-existing rules, the user can apply business knowledge and find the optimized rule for the subject

3. Cluster Optimization

Based on semi/ unsupervised learning, a user can dive deep and find meaningful clusters based on auto clustering features and domain knowledge

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