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Get Sustainability, Security, and Superior Performance with IBM LinuxONE Emperor 4

IBM LinuxONE Emperor 4 helps organizations that care about achieving sustainability goals reduce energy costs and carbon footprint with a secure, high-performance server platform for data-intensive workloads.

The new core IBM Telum dual processor chip one the IBM LinuxONE Emperor 4 has 16 cores, leverages the density efficiency of 7nm chip technology, runs at 5.2 GHz, delivers incredible performance, and massively scalable capacity to support a wide range of workloads, in an energy efficient manner.

An IBM LinuxONE Emperor 4 can reduce the CO2e footprint by approximately 75% each year versus compared x86 servers running the same Linux workload under similar conditions. This is equivalent to consuming about 77,600 fewer liters (20,500 gallons) of gasoline each year (+ vehicle and home equivalencies).

It also has come up with up to 200 configurable cores in a single mode. The system offers up to 40 TB of Redundant Array of Independent Memory (RAIM) per system.

LinuxONE Emperor 4 reduces I/T infrastructure costs, including software licensing, staffing and maintenance by consolidating x86 server workloads onto on IBM LinuxONE Emperor 4 system. It also helps to protecting data now and in the future with quantum-safe cryptography it will help building a cyber resilient environment.

Benefits of IBM LinuxONE Emperor 4


IBM LinuxONE Emperor 4 servers can reduce energy consumption by 75% and space by 50% for the some workload on x86 servers


Protect your data at rest, in flight, and in-use against internal and external threats


Spin up instances, orchestrate your workload and provision your private cloud demand

4.Hybrid Cloud

Get started, run a dev/test environment, or consolidate your workload on LinuxONE in the cloud

Features of IBM LinuxONE Emperor 4

1.Energy Efficiency

Reduce energy costs and carbon footprint by consolidating servers and modernizing database

2. Confidential Computing

Isolate workloads and help protect them from internal and external threats using a confidential computing Trusted Execution Environment (TEE)

3.Quantum-safe Cryptography

Protect data today and in the future with end-to-end encryption that extends to quantum-safe technologies built into the system

4.Open Hybrid Cloud

Move to an open hybrid cloud platform on your choice of infrastructure

5. Flexible Capacity

Meet fluctuating demands with a system that constantly rebalances resources and enables of temporary or permanent capacity on demand

6. Resiliency

Achieve 99,99999% availability for your mission critical workloads, equivalent to about three seconds of downtime per year

7. Simplified Compliance

Simplify and automate compliance tasks with the IBM Security and Compliance Center

8. On-Chip AI Acceleration

Deliver insights faster at lower TCOs with the IBM Telum processor. Build and train AI models with familiar open-source tools

Looking for solution that enables greater sustainability which becomes critical element of nearly every enterprise goals? Please visit our social media or contact us via email


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