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Understanding NetScout Products

As a provider of application performance management and network performance management products, NetScout provides several products that assures digital business services against disruptions in data availability, performance and mostly data security.


For the first solution on NetScout. NetScout launched nGeniusOne. The nGeniusOne solution provides real-time visibility into any infrastructure environment-data center, private and public cloud, remote offices and co-location. By leveraging NetScout smart data, nGeniusOne delivers smarter analytics for all their applications including voice, data, SaaS (Software as a Service), UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) and custom applications from wherever they are accessed (headquarters, regional locations or home offices)

nGeniusOne is the foundation of NetScout for enterprise performance management solutions, providing continuous network and application monitoring and end-user experience assurance to support the modern enterprise era. The solution's insights is to increase IT team's for understanding of consumption patterns, application utilization and overall digital experience to better support resource optimization and capacity planning.

Key Benefits on nGeniusOne :

1. Enhance IT Troubleshooting

Improve MTTK and reduce MTTR with comprehensive visibility, contextual workflows and real-time performance insights

2. Successful Digital Transformation

Maintain business continuity during migrations with network and application performance monitoring throughout each stage

3. Quality User Experiences

End-through-end visibility into any application, across complex environments, for any user, to ensure quality performance

4. Meet Business Demands

Designed to gracefully scale to meet the performance management and business needs of your hybrid cloud enterprise

nGeniusOne Features :

1. Performance analysis

Real-time, customizable Service Dashboard provides single-pane views into end-to-end business service environments

2. Service Dependency Mapping

Automatic discovery of network topology and dependencies, providing crucial baseline views required for any successful workload, cloud or data center migration

3. Session and Application Analysis

Session analysis screens provide key performance indicators that help pinpoint application degradations, including errors latency, responsiveness and the clients and servers impacted

4. Synthetic Testing

nPoint sensors perform synthetic tests for viewing in nGeniusOne, to proactively notify IT of emerging issues, reducing mean-time-to-knowledge (MTTK) that can be used to reduces MTTR

nGenius Pulse

Overall, nGeniusPulse is the same as nGeniusOne. nGeniusPulse is the end-user experience monitoring platform that delivers tha visibility needed into today's evolving IT eco-system to ensure the availability, reliability and performance of your mission-critical business services across your multi-cloud environment. This is very useful for work-from-home or remote users, over Ethernet or Wi-FI, nGeniusPulse also identifies any potential problems before they can impact the user experience.

Key Benefits of nGeniusPulse :

1. Improved End-User Experience

Visibility anytime, anywhere to see application and network availability and performance from the user perspective

2. Quickly Monitor Application and Network Status

View "Red-Yellow-Green" status on dashboard, drilldown to test result and performance over time and review graphs and trend analysis

3. Capture Smart Data from Work-From-Home/Remote Locations

Use synthetic test to get Smart Data for deep-dive analysis from nGeniusPulse into nGeniusOne for unmatched user experience monitoring

4. Correlate Service Delivery with Infrastructure Health

Verify health of underlying infrastructure supporting network and business-critical applications

nGeniusPulse Features :

1. Status at a Glance

Dashboard with drill down capabilities display results of continuous, automated testing to show scope and impact

2. Contextual Workflows to Understand Baseline and Isolate Root Cause of Problems

Reduce Mean-Time-To-Knowledge (MTTK) with alerts on deviations from normal performance using configured tests in nPoint devices to reduce Mean-Time-To-Resolution (MTTR)

3. Monitor from Wired and Wi-fi Connections

Compare performance over wired and Wi-Fi isolate if problem is with Wi-Fi

4. Infrastructure Performance Monitoring

Monitor health of server, routers, switches, interface, VMware and Wi-Fi infrastructure. It can also view health metrics such as CPU utilization, memory, disk usage, channel utilization, error, etc.

NetScout has set a standard for digital experience monitoring and visibility by combining real-time wire-data monitoring in the nGeniusOne platform with synthetic testing and infrastructure health monitoring from user locations leveraging nGeniusPulse on nPoint sensors, providing IT with solutions for quality end-user experience.

nGeniusPulse is the latest addition to the nGenius Platform, by adding synthetic testing and infrastructure health monitoring. nGeniusPulse extends the service-oriented approach of nGeniusOne and Adaptive Service Intelligence (ASI).

Omnis Cyber

Omnis CyberStream and Omnis Cyber Intelligence present a powerful solution for eliminating network blind spots. At the core of this comprehensive platform lies Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), offering enterprises unparalleled security visibility to accurately identify vulnerabilities and threats.

Leveraging advanced threat detection techniques and cutting-edge machine learning algorithms, Omnis CyberStream ensures the detection of both known and zero-day threats. The Omnis Cyber Intelligence Network Detection and Response (NDR) platform provides a unified interface for efficient security event management. Omnis CyberStream is seamlessly integrating with SIEM tools and offering automation through SIEM.SOAR and XDR systems, this solution empowers organizations to swiftly investigate and respond to security threats. By embracing the capabilities of Omnis CyberStream and Omnis Cyber Intelligence the enterprises can now take control of their network security.

Benefits on NDR solution / Omnis CyberStream and Omnis Cyber Intelligence:

1. Comprehensive Packet-Level Visibility

Gain complete visibility into your network security, whether it's on-premises, virtual or in hybrid cloud environments, ensuring no blind spots in your security monitoring

2. Real-Time Threat Detection

Multi-dimensional, real-time threat detection provides actionable insights into network traffic, user behavior and threat patterns, enabling us and strengthen our overall security posture

3. Enhanced Incident Response

Empowers incident response teams with real-time and historical data, enabling them to quickly investigate, analyze and respond to security events

4. Stay in Compliance

Continuous network monitoring, reporting, long-term retention of network metadata and packets and detection of unauthorized network

Omnis CyberStream and Omnis Cyber Intelligence Features :

1. MITRE ATT&CK Mapping

For offers a wide range of prebuilt threat detection programs that align with MITRE ATT&CK. This approach enables faster detection of known and unknown threats, reduced response times, operational efficiency, mitigation of false positives and enhanced compliance and reporting capabilities

2. Historical Investigation / Hunting

Continuous packet capture and long-term storage of metadata and associated packet decodes on CyberStream, enables historical investigation to eliminate or validate false positives, provide forensic evidence and reduce Mean-Time-To-Resolution (MTTR)

3. Host Group and Policies

Network segmentation with host groups and policies for improved security. Logical grouping of network hosts with similar security requirements and characteristics with alerts on any policy violations

Omnis CyberStream and Omnis Cyber Intelligence form a comprehensive platform for Advanced Network Threat Detection and Response based on Deep Packet Inspection (DPI). The platform enables enterprises to achieve complete security visibility into their network and identify vulnerabilities and threats with high accuracy. Omnis CyberStream also combines multiple threat detection techniques to detect known and zero-days threats, leveraging cutting-edge machine learning algorithms for behavioral analytics.

Arbor Edge Defense

In this world, DDoS attacks are evolving. The new preferred method of DDoS attack is a multi-vector dynamic direct path attack that adjusts vectors and methodologies to continually evade existing DDoS defenses. Add to this the ransomware, phishing attempts and compromised IoT devices and how the organizations are under constant risk from all types of advanced cyber threats. To address these evolving threats, the security teams need solutions that can adapt to the changing attacks. This solution is also able to integrate into an organization's existing security stack and/or consolidate functionality to reduce cost, complexity and risk. To answer all the statements, NetScout launched a solution called Arbor Edge Defense.

Arbor edge defense is an adaptive DDoS Protection Solution that adapts to dynamically changing DDoS attacks and cyber threats to provide an effective first and last line of automated perimeter defense.

NetScout Arbor Edge Defense (AED) is uniquely positioned on the network edge (between the internet router and the firewall) to provide an inline, always-on, first and last line of defense. By using stateless packet processing, continuous global threat intelligence, decades of DDoS protection and mitigation expertise and patented adaptive DDoS defense technology. Arbor Edge Defense can automatically stop inbound, dynamically changing DDoS attacks and outbound communication from internal compromised devices communicating with threat actor command and control infrastructure.

Key Benefits ofNetwork Perimeter Security :

1. Intelligence Driven, Adaptive DDoS Defense

By protect the availability of critical services from dynamically changing DDoS attacks with actionable, global threat intelligence and automated, adaptable attack analysis and mitigation

2. A Single Solution for Pervasive DDoS Protection

Use a single DDoS attack protection solution to protect services and assets

3. A First and Last Line of Cyber Threat Defense

Strategically located at the network edge to enable the blocking of inbound DDoS threats and outbound communication from compromised internal hosts to outside command and control infrastructure that all other security tools have missed

Arbor Edge Defense Features:

1. Adaptive DDoS Protection

Effectively detect and mitigate ever-changing DDoS attacks without impact legitimate services

2. Enterprise Scale and Multi-Layer Defense in-Depth

All Arbor Edge Defense solutions are centralized and scalable visibility for the management. Intelligently integrates with Arbor Cloud for comprehensive, hybrid DDoS attack protection

3. Protect Assets in AWS

By Deploy virtual Arbor Edge Defense in AWS to detect and mitigate attacks targeting assets in AWS, both from outside and inside

4. First and Last Line of Cyber Threat Defense

Arbor run automatically and surgically block unwanted inbound and outbound malicious traffic including malware, scanning and phishing attempts at the network edge with unparalleled threat intelligence and embedded security analysis expertise

5. Integration with Existing Security Stack and Process

NetScout Arbor Edge Defense Rest API, support for Syslog (CEF, LEEF) and STIX/TAXII, enable Arbor Edge Defense to be a fully integrated component of an organization's existing security stack and process


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