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What is IBM Cloud Object Storage?

Every decision needs an extra level of consideration and security right now. Give greater attention to your budgets and think larger than just sales. You should be taking stock of the things that are mission-critical and putting your resources into those objectives.

IBM Cloud Object Storage is an IBM object storage solutions that can be deployed on-premises, in the public cloud, or as a hybrid solution that combines on-premise and cloud storage. IBM Cloud Object Storage also known as industry-leading and #1 ranked object storage platform with no single points of failure or bottlenecks. It also easy to start with 3 nodes and easy to scale with investment protection.

Key Features of IBM Cloud Object Storage

Here are the IBM Cloud Object Storage benefits:

1. Reduce Storage Costs

Meet your performance needs while managing your storage costs.

2. Manage Data Lifecycle

Use policy-based approach to manage the lifecycle of your data

3. Data Security and Governance

Secure data storage and compliance controls for added governance

4. Reduce Downtime

Deploy across the world with durability up to 99.999999999999%

5. Actionable Data Insights

Execute SQL queries and trigger custom code from your data

6. Robust Partner Ecosystem

Leading marketplace for supported application partners

IBM Cloud Object Storage Highlights

1. Smart Tier

Smart Tier automates tier classification and cost optimization based on data activity

2. High Durability and Resiliency

IBM Cloud Object Storage offers worldwide locations for your data storage needs with three resiliency options

3. Security and Data Protection

Enhance data security with role-based policies and access permission, and leverage encryption key options for granular control and authority

4. Fast Data Transfer

Integrated with IBM Cloud Object Storage to offer an easy-to-use fully integrated user interface to quickly transfer data to and from IBM Cloud Object Storage

5. Query Data in Place

Tap into your data simply to extract, transform and load (ETL) data

6. Immutable Object Storage

Preserve electronic records and protect data against deletion or modification

Used Cases of IBM Cloud Object Storage

  • Backup and Recovery

IBM Cloud Object Storage provides durable, security-rich and cost-effective cloud storage for a variety of backup needs.

  • Data Archiving

IBM Cloud Object Storage tiering capabilities, file gateway partners and a broad ecosystem of integrated partner solutions that helps make it easier to move and archive data in IBM Cloud Object Storage.

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