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What is IT Asset Management?

IT Asset Management (ITAM) is the process of identifying, discovering, procuring, managing, monitoring and disposing of all the company-owned data, devices and software elements presents in all enterprise’s network. An ITAM tool ensures a centralized view of all the assets present in the network along with software and hardware details.

Using IT Assets Management (ITAM) software, you can manage both hardware and software assets in your network anywhere, anytime, from your laptop or mobile phone.

Type of IT Asset Management (ITAM)

1. Hardware Assets Management

Hardware Assets Management is the part of an ITAM system that involves the management of tangible devices such as laptops, desktops, keyboards, printers, etc

2. Software Asset Management

Software Asset Management of an ITAM system involves the management of all the software applications/ executable that are installed on endpoints in a network within an organization using an IT asset management system

3. Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset Management is a part of an ITAM system that deals with the management of documents, pictures, videos or in general, data in any form that has been paid for, produced or is being managed by your enterprise

Benefit of IT Asses Management

1. Centralized Asset Database/ Inventory

The organization can see in one place what assets need ti be discarded, upgraded or optimized for maximum productivity

2. Optimized Asset Use

An organization gets real-time data on the state of all its assets and can make informed decisions about asset use

3. Software License Compliance

Automatically monitor all software installed on all computers on their networks and ensure they comply with the relevant license agreements

4. Informed Decision-Making

ITAM data helps with the evaluation of previous purchase and deployments, which then informs subsequent actions. ITAM can improve IT asset purchase and business processes

Manage Engine Endpoint Central’s ITAM

Endpoint Central’s IT Asset Management Software is one of the best ITAM software that offers effortless management of physical and digital assets along with predefined inventory reports and email notifications to track, monitor, and manage everything from a single console.

Key Features of Endpoint Central’s IT Asset Management

Here is complete list of IT asset tracking and management features offered by Endpoint Central for a comprehensive IT Asset Management (ITAM):

  • Periodic Asset Scans

  • Hardware Warranty Management

  • Real Time Inventory Alerts

  • Software Metering

  • Software License Management

  • Software and Hardware Inventory

  • File Scanning

  • Prohibit Software and Block Executables


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